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Registration support

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We have an excellent registration team to provide registration support for all our products and that is ready to gather all kinds of registration data including 5 batches analysis report, physical and chemical properties analysis, MSDS, toxicity and eco-toxicity research, efficacy of the product, etc. We devote huge amounts of financial and human resources every year to support this process. We can quickly provide any kind of registration information according to the national organization test guidelines and our clients’ requirements. Furthermore, we also offer support for the registration of new products in each country.

You can choose from a very wide variety of different materials, colors, sizes and shapes for both solid and liquid products. We even offer special packages (e.g. water soluble bags) to complete our product range. Please contact us for more detailed information.


Fungicide Herbicide Insecticide
Azoxystrobin (GLP) Acetochlor Glyphosate (GLP) Abamectin (GLP)
Benomyl Alachlor (GLP) Haloxyfop-R-methyl Acetamiprid
Boscalid (GLP)* Amicarbazone Hexazinone (GLP) Acephate (GLP)
Captan (GLP) 2,4-D acid (GLP) Imazapic Bifenthrin (GLP)
Carbendazim (GLP) 2,4-DB (GLP) Imazapyr (GLP) Buprofezin (GLP)
Chlorothalonil (GLP) Ametryn Imazethapyr Carbaryl
Copper Oxychloride Asulam (GLP) Isoxaflutole Carbofuran
Cymoxanil Atrazine (GLP) Isoproturon Carbosulfan
Cyproconazole (GLP) Bensulfuron-methyl MCPA Cartap
Cyprodinil Bentazone Mefenacet Chlorpyrifos (GLP)
Difenoconazole Bispyribac-sodium Mesotrione (GLP) Dazomet
Dimethomorph Bromoxynil Octanate Metamitron Deltamethrin
Epoxiconazole (GLP) Butachlor Metazachlor (GLP) Diazinon (GLP)
Famoxadone Chlormequat Chloride (GLP)* Metolachlor Diafenthiuron (GLP)
Fenhexamid Clethodim (GLP) Metribuzin (GLP) Diflubenzuron (GLP)
Fluopicolide Clodinafop-propargyl (GLP) Metsulfuron-methyl Dimethoate
Flusilazole Clomazone Nicosulfuron (GLP) Emamectin benzoate
Flutriafol (GLP) Clopyralid Oxyfluorfen (GLP) Ethoprophos
Fludioxonil (GLP)* Desmedipham Paclobutrazole (GLP) Fenobucarb
Fosetyl-aluminium Dicamba Propanil (GLP) Fenitrothion
Hexaconazole (GLP) Dichlorprop (GLP) Paraquat (GLP) Fipronil (GLP)
Hymexazol Diclofop-methyl Pendimethalin (GLP) Imidacloprid (GLP)
Iprodione (GLP) Diclosulam (GLP)* Phenmedipham Indoxacarb
Mancozeb Diflufenican (GLP) Picloram Lambda-Cyhalothrin (GLP)
Metalaxyl Diuron (GLP) Pretilachlor Lufenuron (GLP)
Myclobutanil (GLP) Ethephon (GLP) Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl Methomyl
Picoxystrobin (GLP) Ethofumesate Quizalofop-p-ethyl Novaluron
Prochloraz Fenoxaprop-P-ethyl (GLP) S-Metolachlor (GLP)  Phoxim (GLP)*
Propiconazole Fluazifop-p-butyl Simazine Pirimicarb
Spiroxamine Flumetsulam (GLP) Terbuthylazine Pirimiphos-methyl
Tebuconazole (GLP) Fomesafen (GLP) Tribenuron-methyl Pyridaben
Thiophanate-methyl (GLP) Glufosinate (GLP)* Trifluralin (GLP) Propoxur
Thiram     Spinosad (GLP)
Trifloxystrobin (GLP)     Spirodiclofen
      Thiamethoxam (GLP)
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